Instagram: Telling Our Story

A few weeks ago, I posted the following paragraphs to my personal Facebook account: My school has a perception problem, and it is frustrating. Willis serves the lowest socioeconomic area of Chandler and there is an unfortunate stigma that goes along with that...the impression that our students, and our school, have less potential than other … Continue reading Instagram: Telling Our Story

The Three R’s: Relationships, Resilience, Reflection

Almost every school day I witness the same (or similar) incidents play out in our classrooms, and on our campus. Children in crisis. The issue(s) might be real, imagined, understated, or dramatized; but whether perception, or reality, there are kids who are in survival model -- struggling just to manage day to day challenges. Their … Continue reading The Three R’s: Relationships, Resilience, Reflection

The Stories You Aren’t Supposed to Tell

In the era of school choice, students have become a commodity. In addition to educational credentials, a master's degree in marketing might be considered a valuable investment for school¬†leaders. Telling your school's story is a necessity in a free market educational system, because where parents (and students) choose to go -- so goes the money … Continue reading The Stories You Aren’t Supposed to Tell