The Most Essential Task

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.  - Desmond Tutu Many of my days are filled with activities, projects, and tasks. I hurry from one thing to another, and time flies by in a haze of meetings and minutiae. If I … Continue reading The Most Essential Task


On Picking Battles…

Go big or go home. Swing for the fences. Do or die. Go for broke. Our society places a great deal of emphasis on impressive results, audacious performances, and big victories. These outcomes garner attention, result in accolades, and make headlines and highlight reels. But, even though dramatic results are frequently cause for celebration, when the going … Continue reading On Picking Battles…

3 Questions I’m Using to Plan My Day

Work is complicated. I'm not terribly adept at filtering out the minutiae. I find it extremely challenging to focus on what is most important. Recently I have been trying a new approach to planning my work day. I began this process by spending focused time considering what matters most in my job. As a junior high … Continue reading 3 Questions I’m Using to Plan My Day